Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh baby, baby, baby

Vincent is now a week past his four month birthday. Life gets better everyday. Seriously. It's no suprise to many folks that life in the Macri house was a struggle for awhile. Vincent was a very high needs, colicky baby, who wiped every ounce of energy from my body. Now, he's just like my perfect little angel. All the books kept saying that colic will end and that most colic babies turn out to be very happy, healthy babies. I questioned many of those books and I think even threw one across the room once! But they were so right. He wakes up in the morning and smiles at me, laughs with me, puts his little tiny arms around me and hugs me now. It's totally completed me. Hands down, the best thing I've ever done in my life is sleeping soundly in the other room, as I stare adoringly into the baby monitor screen in the livingroom.

This morning I woke up and was so amazed by how much he's changed. I could barely see the tiny newborn that I brought home in his face. He's like a completely different boy. So big! He is over 17 lbs and is ridiciously strong. He has started working on sitting (so far we've clocked 10 seconds!) and he is now able to stand holding onto the couch or coffee table and play with toys. I watch him learn things everyday. The little things that mean so much. Watching him learn to grab something with both his hands, or to watch him realize action and reaction. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with him and watch each one of these little miracles. I don't want to miss a single second.

We've finally mastered a pretty good routine. For the first three months there was a lot of chaos. I didn't know what to expect each day. Now we have it down. We have nap time, play time, feeding time, our daily walk, our evening bath. It feels so good to have things under control. It just feels right.

Vincent is about to outgrow his co-sleeper and I am desperately afraid of what is coming next. I know it's almost time to put him in his own room, in his own crib, but it breaks my heart a little and I'm not sure if I'm ready. I love being able to sneak a peak at him in the middle of the night, or to pull him in bed and cuddle him if he needs it.

We started our mommy and me classes last week, so I think it will be positive for Vincent to be around other babies, especially the older ones so he can learn from them, watch them and mimick them. And it's nice to talk with other moms and gain more perspective of this crazy thing called motherhood.

I just wanted to give everyone an update on our little lives.

Life's rad.

I'm stoked.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grateful Prisoner

This is me,
Drowning in a lake of fulfilled promises,
Embodied by the clever soul
Of a wise, old mother.
Fondly stroking the head of my infant son,
Singing lullabies in the darkness of the night.
The only light that shines glows from the candle I hold for him.
It's like I've loved him for a thousand years.
Magic little fingers, interlock with mine,
Giving hope to a hopeless world,
Making life a privilege.
Large eyes that follow my every movement,
Exhibiting the most purest of trusts
Convinces me that I am his world, as he is mine.
The best of me illuminates in all of him.
My boy.
My love.
I am a grateful prisoner,
Locked contently behind bars,
Bars made solely of love, purity, trust, honesty, and the future.
There is nowhere else I'd rather be.